Fees & Services

 Standard Fee Structure

   (Effective: 5/1/2024)


50-minute Session


TeleMental Health               $245

Individual Adult                    $245

2+ Adults (Family)               $295

Adolescent (Family)            $295

Group (per person)                 - -  



75-minute Session


TeleMental Health           available

Individual Adult                available

2+ Adults (Family)              $390

Adolescent (Family)           $390

Group (per person)             $125



To find out more about the fee for available 75-minute psychotherapy sessions, please contact me.


Prepaid Fee Structure*

* Prepaid Fee Structure is not applicable to Group psychotherapy sessions.


Prepaid psychotherapy sessions are discounted based on the number of sessions that you would like to prepay. There is a sliding scale based on the prepayment of 4, 6, 8, or 10 sessions. The total number of prepaid sessions must be used within four months of the time purchased.


No. of Prepaid Sessions                                                      Discount

                    4                                                $20 off per session ($80 total savings)

                    6                                                $30 off per session ($180 total savings)

                    8                                                $40 off per session ($320 total savings)

                  10                                                 $50 off per session ($500 total savings)


Unused or expired prepaid sessions may be transferred to someone else or donated to assist in the payments of low fee clients. Refunds of prepaid sessions are based on services provided at the Standard Fee Structure rate; the remainder would be returned to you.


If you should have any questions about my Prepaid Fee Structure, please let me know.



Forms of Payment Accepted



Personal Check




American Express

Health Savings Account (HSA)